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RMT Air Toggle Presses

The RMT press utilizes a unique guarding system that is used to actuate the press.

The operator simply loads the part into the die and then closes the guard.

The press ram comes down, performs the operation and then returns when the guard is lifted.

A piston cylinder minimizes air consumption, and allows infinite stroke adjustment from 0 up to the maximum capacity of the machine.

These toggle action presses are available in 10 sizes up to 24 tons and are completely air operated. No electrics or hydraulics are needed.

The machine is constructed with a robust cast iron frame and precision machined components, including a guided ram with vee gibbs. With speeds up to 240 strokes per minute, this machine can be used for production as well as low volume work.

A wide variety of options are offered including 2 hand controls, foot valves, counters, and automatic cycling controls

M J Allen also supplies the parts you need to maintain your RMT press.

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