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Press Brakes

For over 30 years Foremost Machinery Corporation (a member of the M.J.Allen Group) has been offering their unique press brake as an alternative to using much larger brakes for simple bending.

We currently offer 6 bench top models with capacities of 12 tons and 24 tons, and bed widths from 2 feet to 8 feet in length.

Two air driven cylinders force the ram down, and a counterbalance retracts the ram.

This simple design keeps maintenance costs to a minimum, without sacrificing performance

The Foremost Bantam press brake is an ideal choice for cell manufacturing or point-of-use operations because of its compact size.

The CNC back gauge is available to enhance the versatility of the machine. 99 programs can be stored and retrieved at the push of a button, each with up to 30 bends. Every time the brake is actuated the back gauge advances to the next position.

A 90ยบ top punch and 4-way bottom die are included with the machines and an optional floor stand and 2-hand control package with support table are also available.

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