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CNC and Precision Machining

The ability to supply components from drawing to fully machined castings and fabrications carries obvious benefits in both cost and time but also yields other efficiencies.

Our customers reduce transportation, transit damage is reduced and security increased. Problem solving is quicker and easier as casting, fabrication and machining are carried out at the same site and because we are responsible for the whole package, our customer does not get caught in "pass the buck" wrangles between subcontractors.

These advantages have benefited many of our customers who place one order and progress through a single contact for complete components of almost any size and quantity.

Our growing customer list sustains our belief in the future and this confidence has maintained our ongoing investment in the most up to date CNC and manually operated plant and machinery, backed up by a highly sophisticated inspection facility.

Our CNC section is supplemented by a comprehensive conventional section comprising Horizontal Boring, Planing, Universal Milling, Turning and Drilling capabilities. This gives us the added flexibility for prototype, small batch and fixture works.

The whole workshop is enhanced by our excellent quality control department. Dimensional accuracy is assured with our three CMMs enabling a measuring range up to 2000mm in X axis, 1000mm in Y axis and 800mm in Z axis with Renishaw probes and controls. We have recently added a 3m (10 feet) FARO arm for mobile CMM capeability and boast electronic height gauge and inspection grade granite table in temperature controlled environment.

These, coupled with our full range of conventional inspection equipment, ensure the comprehensive quality control of our machining capability.

We have on site pressure testing facilities, a paint shop and sub assembly area and are happy to arrange alochroming, anodising and other final processing.

To download a Plant List or our ISO certificates please go to the Catalogues section on this page and select from the drop dowm menu. More information is available in the Plant List menu above.

Please click on the pictures below for examples of Machined Castings produced in the M J Allen foundries and machined by M J Allen-ENC Limited. Examples of Machined Fabrications are in the fabrications section.

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