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Iron Castings and SG Iron Castings

Iron Castings: Grey Iron, SG Iron (Ductile), LT (Low Temperature) SG Iron andADI (Austempered Ductile Iron).

M J Allen (Iron Founders) Limited began iron casting in 1968 and has customers in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Known collectively as M J Allen Castings and Machining Ltd, the Iron Foundry works in conjunction with our aluminium and bronze castings foundry and machine shop as a one stop shop for machined castings.

We produce high quality medium and heavy Grey Iron castings to BS EN 1561 EN-GJL, grades 150 to 300, and to many BS EN 1563 - EN-GJS grades in SG (Ductile) Iron castings.

Of special note is our ability to cast 400/18 LT SG iron, suitable for Low Temperature applications of -20Deg and -40Deg C, for particular use in railway applications.

Additionally we cast in a range of high silicon, low growth special irons and other iron alloys on request, including ADI 800/10 (Austempered Ductile Iron) and Ni Resist.

Our particular expertise is in complex core assembly work. Our foundry operates using an oil-fired rotary furnace with a finished casting capacity of 2.5 tonnes, supplemented by a 800 lb/370 kg medium frequency electric furnace.

All moulds are produced using air set resin sand, ensuring the highest quality casting in soundness, dimensional accuracy and surface finish. The Iron Foundry shares our adjoining Non-Ferrous Foundry's chemical and mechanical analysis, dye penetrant and Ultrasonic inspection and pressure testing facilities.

All castings can be supplied machined and finished by our in-house machine shop (MJ Allen ENC) or supplied in raw form. We are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, 14001 and 18001.

Iron Castings - Engineering Castings in Iron and SG Iron

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