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We have the facility to undertake bespoke and production line fabrications, made to order, at our close by Mather & Smith facility.

Our fabrication (weldments) team are skilled in profiling, bending, cutting and rolling steel with coded MIG, TIG and ARC welders in a range of materials.

Using our group's CNC facilities we manufacture and machine fabrications to very tight tolerances and can paint and assemble on site.

In addition to the details on our main site for M J Allen, Mather & Smith also have their own home on the web at:

Please take a visit for more information.

Our fabrication plant list includes:

Parweld XTI-303 AC/DC Welder

MUREX Tradesmig 280-3 Welder

BOC MIG 420R Welder

Oerlikon Citoarc M303 Welder

Oerlikon Citoline 3500ts Welder

2x Migatronic Mig 305 Welder

Oerlikon Citoarc M303C Welder

Oerlikon Citoline 3500ts Welder

Reisen 470DG Mitre Bandsaw

BEMA MG 45 Drill

Belt Sander

Nargesa MT150 Scrolling Machine

Birlik PBH60 Tube and Bar Rolling Machine

2x BEMA MG 45R Drill

Kearney & Trecker 205 C-12 Milling Machine

Bridgeport x166-03 Milling Machine

Richmond Envoy Radial Arm Drill


Colchester Mascot 1600 Lathe

Colchester Master Lathe

Grimax Belt Grinder

Kingsland Haco Guillotine

Bianco Mod 270 Man Bandsaw

Bianco Mod 280 Man Bandsaw

BOC Profiler

2x Kingsland Multi 70

Kingsland 60 XA

Euromatic Digibend 160