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Aluminium castings and Bronze castings

After the formation of our Pattern Shop, it was a natural progression for us to seek to provide a casting service. The objective took shape with the incorporation of our Non-Ferrous Foundry in 1964.

Known collectively as M J Allen Castings and Machining Ltd, the aluminium and copper alloy foundry works alongside our iron foundry and machine shop to provide a one stop shop for machined castings.

We produce a wide range of precision aluminium castings (to 1750 lbs/800 kg) and copper-based bronze castings (to 1650 lbs/750 kg) using the latest sand moulding techniques and gravity die aluminium castings (to 110 lbs/50kg) to the highest integrity.

We specialise in the casting and machining of larger, high complexity, aluminium sand castings that operate in demanding conditions of high temperature and in pressurised systems. We have also greatly increased our gravity die casting facility and offer low volume, batching and production quantities across a range of aluminium alloys.

Our on site facilities include Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection, including XRay, UV Crack Detection, Spectrographic Analysis, UltrasonicTtesting, Endoscope, Tensile Testing and Pressure Testing, as well as temperature controlled environment CMM facilities in our Machine shop.

Choosing the whole Group package from patterns to finished machined components delievers considerable benefits to our customers but each service is available on a stand alone basis if desired.

Our fully flexible service comes with identical quality and service commitment whether it is for a one off or production batch, all within our BS EN ISO 9001:2008, 14001 and 18001 approvals.