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St John's - Bethnal Green - London

This project required 50 meters of railings to be restored. Mather & Smith undertook all aspects of this job including; groundworks, stoneworks and metalworks.

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Queen Anne Railings - London

Mather & Smith were contracted to fit our own design of Queen Anne Railings and gates into 80% of a street in London.

We carried out all groundworks and the installation of new stone copings and flagstone steps.

We also supplied and installed New York stone risers and trends and all the flagstones for this project

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St John's Church - Fulham, London

St John's has been at the heart of Fulham for 180 years. Situated on the corner of the Fulham Broadway and North End Road, famous for its daily market, St John's continues to be a centre for the community.

Mather & Smith were awarded the contract to restore the cast iron railings and brickwork. New brickwork was carried out using old yellow stock bricks and traditional lime mortar.

There was over 30,000 reclaimed yellow stock bricks used and over 600 reconsituted Portland stone copings needed. We fully restored as many of the original cast iron works as possible and all new top bars and infill bars were produced by our foundry and painted in-house.

All the bars were lead caulked using traditional methods and we restored and replaced over 300 meters of stonework and railings.

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Strawberry Hill - Twickenham, London

Mather & Smith undertook the manufacture and installation of 60M of cast iron railings.

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Berkeley Homes - Eastbourne

Berkeley Homes, Eastbourne renovation works.

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